Online information services that are innovative, effective, fast, secure, reliable and user-friendly.


Development and operation of online solutions:

Workflow management

Flexible & customisable workflow solutions designed around business requirements

Document tracking

Secure & audited storage solutions for physical documents with electronic copies on demand

Registration & licensing

Integration with RegTrack enables secure online registration & licensing capabilities

Legacy systems integration

Extensive experience integrating with legacy systems via established integration patterns


Connected to & informed by law enforcement specialists to eliminate fraud at every step

Our systems & services are:

Reliable and Secure Available everywhere and always Fast, inexpensive and easy to use Flexible and scalable

Some products developed by us:


keep control of vehicle registration certificates, complying with the relevant legislation, and allowing interaction between branches, dealers, insurers and clients


logistics solution for Vehicle Manufacturers, Importers and Builders, as well as their dealer network.


workflow management system that is customised for use by both Government and private institutions in the automotive industry.


document scanning, barcode recognition, OCR and indexing, tailored for high throughput of vehicle registration documents.

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