We offer effective solutions tailored to your requirements.

Listed below are some products we have developed:


CerTrack is used by all of the major South African vehicle financing institutions (i.e. banks), enabling these institutions to keep close control of their vehicle registration certificates while also complying with the relevant legislation, and allowing for interaction between branches, dealers and clients.


MIBTrack is a popular logistics solution for Vehicle Manufacturers, Importers and Builders (MIBs), as well as their dealer network, in the South African market.


RegTrack is a workflow management system that is customised for use by both Government and private institutions in the automotive industry in Southern Africa.


DocLink is an on-site document scanning platform that enables barcode recognition, OCR and indexing of scanned documents. It is tailored for high throughput of vehicle registration documents. DocLink can be included in document processing workflows via CerTrack/RegTrack to allow for highly efficient bulk processing of transactions


SAMAR allows manufacturers, importers, builders, banks, insurers and the public to control title and ownership of movable assets. SAMAR’s use by the insurance industry to load their interest against the asset under finance will reduce risk for the banks and related costs. SAMAR covers the life-cycle of an asset, and creates the most recent reliable record of an asset by updating records as changes are made by system interactions.

Vehicle Tracer

Vehicle Tracer connects court sheriffs and authorised collection agents to lists of bank-sought vehicles via the use of a mobile application. This allows sheriffs and collection agents to query multiple data-sources by licence number in real-time, and enables more efficient and auditable operation.


DealerWise is a platform for motor-vehicle dealers to manage their stock on NaTIS, by electronically submitting applications for vehicle registration and sale with the aid of a mobile application and web-based management portal.