RegTrack is a flexible and secure web-based Worklow Management system, designed for use by various institutions with decentralised processing offices to handle the processing and tracking of large volumes of tasks accurately and efficiently.

It is a comprehensive solution to the problem of daily handling thousands of applications for transactions of different types, submitted by multiple branches, departments and/or individuals in separate locations, and ensuring that each request is handled efficiently and correctly according to a predetermined, configurable workflow.

  • RegTrack incorporates measures to combat fraud and increase user accountability. User privileges are controlled by a fine-grained authorisation system, allowing users’ access to information to be restricted on a “need-to-know” basis. Comprehensive audit trails of all actions affecting each service request are recorded.

  • The system minimises manual data-entry, thus improving speed and data accuracy.

  • RegTrack generates management information reports allowing management to effectively measure and control performance on a per-department and per-user basis. No specialised equipment or computer expertise is required on the client’s premises; only a web browser and an Internet connection are required. By hosting the application and database in a secure data-centre, using ultra-reliable hardware and software, we guarantee the utmost reliability, availability and security.