MIBTrack is a reliable, secure and effective logistics solution for Vehicle Manufacturers, Importers and Builders (MIBs), as well as their dealer network, in the South African market. Designed by experts with years of experience in dealing with South African vehicle-registration regulations, this system enables MIBs to process vehicle registrations efficiently and securely, while complying with all relevant government regulations.

  • MIBTrack automates the workflow of:

    • Introducing vehicles into eNaTIS, via an online interface

    • Allocating them to dealers/distributors, or reallocating them from one dealer to another

    • Releasing them for registration to the titleholder (including the printing of completed Certificates of Origin, and RLV forms, for presentation to the registering authority)

    • Processing of stolen or scrapped vehicles.

    • Monitoring of the status of vehicles already released, to ensure that they are registered timeously.

  • Effective quality assurance measures, built into the system, ensure that data-entry errors are eliminated; the system ensures that your dealers won’t face unpleasant surprises when they try to register a vehicle.

  • The MIB can decide who is authorised to perform which actions. For example, the MIB can authorise dealers/distributors to print their own Certificates of Origin, and completed RLV forms (“Application for Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicle”), on their own premises. MIBTrack allows the dealer to print the certificate and/or RLV form only after the vehicle’s release has been authorised by the MIB or by the relevant financial institution.

  • Comprehensive audit trails record all actions that change a vehicle’s particulars. All actions can be traced back to the individual responsible.

  • The system enables MIBs to keep track of all their vehicles, and draw comprehensive reports on vehicle attributes and status.

  • Dealers/distributors can keep track of the vehicles that have been allocated to them, place orders for new vehicles, and swap vehicles between themselves. Dealers can also print completed Certificates of Origin, and Application for Registration (RLV) forms, for presentation to the registering authority. Each dealer sees only the vehicles that have been allocated to it.

Ubiquitech’s MIBTrack Vehicle Logistics System is in use by some of South Africa’s larger vehicle importers, as well as by over 100 vehicle dealers.

No specialised equipment or computer expertise is required on the client’s premises; all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. By hosting the application and database in a secure data-centre, using ultra-reliable hardware and software, we guarantee the utmost reliability, availability and security.

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